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       Bench Swing, Bike Racks
          Grill & Lantern Post

Available in the  Mounting Types & Styles shown 
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Color Chart

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   # B6WBMODSWING  6ft. 295 lb. = $920.00
    # B4WBMODSWING  4ft. 214 lb. = $800.00

     Contour Bench Seat, 3/4 In.# 9 Ga.
  Expanded Metal, Thermo-plastic coated,
  2 3/8 in. Powder coated steel swing frame
  for Inground mounting.

 Assembly and install. instructions.  6ft.
  Same for all 6 ft. swings.
  Same for all 4 ft. swing.                 4ft.
   # B6WBCLASSSWING 6ft. 281 lb. = $ 1013.00
   # B4WBCLASSSWING 4ft. 230 lb. =885.00

    Contour Bench Seat, Ribbed Steel Const.
  Thermo-plastic coated, 2 3/8 in. Powder
  coated steel swing frame for Inground
  # BIKELOOP-SM  25 LB. - $ 77.00  (Surface Mt.)
 Spec. Sheet

 # BIKELOOP-ING  25 LB. - $ 77.00  (inground)
 Spec. Sheet
  Standard Loop, 2-7/8"  Powder Coated
   # GPS20  - 20 In. adjust. grate
   2 3/8" Pedestal inground mt.

    110 lb. = $ 206.00
   # BIKELOOP7SM  100 lbs  = $281.00  Surface Mt.
   # BIKELOOP7S     100 lbs  = $281.00   Inground Mt.

  Bike Rack made of 2 3/8" Tubing, Then Polyethylene Coated
    Holds up to 7 Bikes, Inground or Surface Mt.


                                   Fire Ring

 36" Fire Ring, 11 Gauge Steel, 1/2" Steel Rod Hinged Grate
     53 lbs, $142.00

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