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Possible installation
example, Using
 4x4 cross pieces
Bolted or truss plated to
main wood beam.
Using (4) SH-18 hangers to
suspend glider.
None of these items are
included with glider.

Metal Glider Brackets

Residential only,

(commercial users must purchase commercial parts)

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S-56R Glider

Molded plastic back-to-back glider. Requires four-point mounting system.
NOT included.

Drilled for 1/2 " Rope 
With Eye-Bolt for Chain


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Select Type:

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S-51R Roped Glider

Combines S-50R Glider and 1/2" dia. twisted rope with top chain for easy adjustment.


Select Colors:

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S-52R Chained Glider

Combines S-50R Glider with Plastisol coated chain.


Select Glider Color:

Select Chain Color:
- Green and yellow backordered

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S-53R Soft Chained Glider

S-50R with soft grip chain.


Select Glider Color:

Select Chain Color:

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GB-01 Glider mounting Brackets.
 --  A few left, Backordered until Oct. )

 Glider mounting Brackets.
Set of  2 Brackets, wt. 8 lbs. each


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