Play telescope, periscope and phone

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Telescopes & Toys       
Residential only               
(commercial users must purchase commercial parts)             

 Minimum Order:
The minimum order is $50.00 per address, a smaller order would require a $15.00 surcharge to process.
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Polyethylene Telescope (plastic) # TLR

Polyethylene with clear lens. Length= 12". Includes mounting and rotating bracket. Attachment hardware is not included.   


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# PER  Periscope (plastic)

Polyethylene with clear working lens. Detachable from included mounting bracket. Length = 15 1/2". Attachment hardware not included.


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 # TER "Cordless" Phone (plastic)

Molded plastic unit. Length = 8 3/8". Includes holding base. Attachment hardware not included.
Backordered until Dec.


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