Terms and Conditions  to purchase from Chiggerknob Swings

           Anyone Purchasing products from Chiggerknob Swings 
  Other than government agencies must agree to the terms and conditions below.

          All invoices are due and payable 30 days from Delivery date, Any account
       Not paid at that time is subject to an interest of .25 % per day or 6 % per 30 days
       the account is delinquent up to 60 days.
          After 60 Days the debt will be referred to a collection agency and their fees will
       be added to the total debt. Other  arbitration or actions to this affair must be settled
       in Jackson County North Carolina.

         All Warranties or Guaranties are those provided by the Manufacturer or Supplier
       of  Products to Chiggerknob Swings .
           Also Chiggerknob Swings is Not to be held liable in any accident cases or
       incidents involving the products purchased from the websites or any other source.
       all such cases must refer back to the Manufacturer or Supplier.

         All online or offline purchaser also agree to these conditions except that any default in
       payment must be Settled in the 30 day period from date of purchase or the interest
       shown above will become effective and arbitration shall also be in Jackson County
       North Carolina.

    Notice: All playground parts and equipment sold is for use only by children under the age of 13
         and under 125 lbs. None of these parts can be safely used by anyone age 13 or older or anyone
         weighing more than 125 lbs.

      Child Works Plastic parts are Warranted for (1) year for Materials and Workmanship.

RECEIPT OF SHIPMENT / CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: Before signing for your order, check to
see that you are receiving the same number of cartons, bundles, welded frames, etc., indicated on
your receipt. Note any shortages or visible damage on your receipt and have the driver note these
also. Damage that is found after you unpack the shipment (concealed damage) must be reported
to The Supplier immediately. If shortages or damage is not noted on freight bill,
recovery of loss is not possible
. Title to all goods passes to the customer at the time of shipment.
The customer is responsible for recovery of loss. Please closely inspect your shipment! Most freight
companies allow 10 days from receipt to report concealed damage.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES: Returns will not be accepted without prior written authorization
from The Supplier . Restocking charges and all freight charges may apply. Absolutely no returns will
be authorized on equipment which has been installed. No used or special made or cut parts may be returned,
Up to A 25% Restocking fee may apply.
No Items will be accepted for return after 90 days however purchased.

       Anyone Purchasing from Chiggerknob Swings  Must Agree To These Terms.
       NO Exceptions.

                                                                  Updated: 4-17-2012, Revised Annually