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                 The ADA accessible Ramp allows Safe Easy Access to your Playground.
                            WE DO NOT SELL OR SHIP OUTSIDE THE 48 UNITED STATES.

» Our Wheelchair/ADA Ramp System™ is your answer to making your playground accessible.
» It is cost-effective and easy to install.
» Designed to be used with 12" Funtimbers™
(sold separately).
» Made of heavy-duty, roto-molded  polyethylene, this ramp is virtually maintenance free! 
» Childforms® Wheelchair/ADA  Accessible Ramp™ is only warranted when used with Childforms® Funtimbers™.
» System  Package Includes:
(1) Entrance Ramp, (1) Exit Ramp, 
(1) Mounting Timber, and Necessary Mounting Spikes.

        Our Price = $685.00 + Shipping       
   When sold with 100+ Childforms

  $ 700.00
+ Shipping when sold separately
12" # ADA-00012  and   9" # ADA00008
  both available
Contact Us for Quote No Quotes or Estimates by Phone.


works with either 8" or 12"
# ADA-00005
$465 with order of 40 plus funtimbers
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 FTB-00001 ( 12" Funtimber™ with Spike )
4'4"L x 12"H x 4"W
 Weight:  12 lbs with spike. Use with Ramp

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       FTB-00001     $35.00    each

   Request Quote here
 No Quotes or Estimates by Phone.

 FTB-00002 ( 9" Funtimber with Spike ) -
4'4"L x 9"H x 4"W
 Weight:  10 lbs. with spike.
 Does not connect to Ramp
  Or 12" Timber

       FTB-00002     $34.00    each

     THE NEW


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    Adjustable End Kit  ADJ-00001  -  $165.00
             Retro-Fit End System contains  
          (2) Retro-Fit Ends and (2) Filler Ends.

  By using the Filler Ends, you get a finished 
  appearance, which can be flush mounted 
  to existing walls, fences, etc.


All signs  -  16" x 23.5"    wt. 27 lb.   
                                 and  Includes 2" dia. Post 

                  ADA                     Rule & Age
                   Rules and age signs  =  $275.00 Each

English SGN-00001  = 2 - 5 years, Spanish # SGN-00011
English SGN-00002  = 5 - 12 years, Spanish # SGN-00012
English SGN-00003  = 2 - 12 years, Spanish # SGN-00013

     English SGN-00004 = ADA Access, Spanish # SGN-00014
  End Kit    $165.00


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  Signs     $275.00
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 30" Timber Stake  $7.95

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