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Surface Mounting covers of 
  powder coated aluminum.
 # SMSCOVER for 2 3/8"  legs .
     # SMLCOVER for 2 7/8"  legs

2 for $41.00

Portable clamp downs

Inground mount = $38 Pr.
Surface mount =$ 11 Pr.

benche2.gif  B6WBMODCLASSPSM Bench 

benche2.gif  B6WBVILLAEXP Bench


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 Recycled products,
 Fountains or coolers.
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Thermo plastic Coated
Park Bench & Picnic Table Index

We strive to supply the best Plastisol Coated Park Benches and Thermo-plastic Coated Picnic Tables available, Since we offer 500 different Products including the Park Bench, Picnic Table, Garden Swing, Garden Bench, Patio Bench, Picnic Benches and Trash Receptacles in different styles and color choices it allows you to obtain the distinctive look you desire. Our Tables and Benches are Made with Heavier Steel to Prevent Sagging.
     The Table tops and Bench seats are Then coated with ULTRAVIOLET STABILIZED THERMO-PLASTIC COATING, FUSED AND BAKED TO 90% GLOSS FINISH. The high gloss finish is important, not only for good looks, but also in helping the ultraviolet stabilizers in the coating decrease fading of the park benches and picnic tables over years of sunlight exposure.
Table and Bench under Frames are Made From Heavy Wall Galvanized Steel Tubing.
For added protection and good looks, the Frames are then Powder Coated .
     We are able to supply you with a Quality Park Bench Selection of over 300 Park Benches in Different types and styles.

      1st. is the Flat Park Bench. It comes as a bench seat without a back, a bench seat with back, an inground bench, a surface mounted bench, a wall mounted bench or a portable bench and the Classic Roll Bench all in a variety of Lengths, Materials, Styles and Colors.

       2nd. is the Contoured Park Bench. These park benches have backs as part of the contoured design, But have a variety of
arm and leg styles. These Benches generally come as  Inground mounted, Surface mounted and Portable benches.
These also come
in a variety of Lengths, Materials, Styles and Colors.

       3rd. Would be the Patio Bench. These generally are a contoured bench with cast arm and leg assemblies, But not In all cases as we have Patio Benches with semi straight seats with welded legs and arms, With and without Backs, portable and surface mountable. Some of them may sometimes be classed as Cachet or Victorian type benches Plus theCasino-Garden Style Bench.

        4th. Would be our Downtown Style Benches. These are Individual seats tied together in a straight bench, a convex bench or concave bench, Generally in sets of 2 or 3 seats. They also come with or without a back.

        5th. are the Specialty Benches, The Slatted Bench, Magna Bench, Smoke station, Plasti-Plank and Geometric types such as
Octagon Bench, a Hexagon Bench and a Square Bench.

6th. is our Web Style Picnic Tables these are the New addition to the line
and have been getting a lot of attention.

We Don't want to forget our wide variety of Coated Picnic Tables, Including styles from canteen type, ADA types, Round, Octagon, Square, Rectangular, With and without benches.

  Most of these park bench types are normally shipped in 7 to 10 days, Small orders may or may not ship sooner than that.
 Products are not ready to ship on an overnight basis.

We Have been supplying these products online for the last 9 years for parks and playgrounds,
and have been in the retail business for over 25 years.  

Important Shipping information

   The customer or one representing the customer must At
Delivery, Verify and sign whether the shipment was Complete
and not damaged in transit. There is no recourse with the
 freight companies if damage or missing items are not
 documented on the freight ticket at the time of delivery.
Any action to recover from carrier must be taken within 10 days.

 " NOTE "

Please use   Contact  form
for a Shipping quote to save time if you are serious.
No Quotes or estimates by Phone.
Prices shown
 do not include
Shipping. (Min. Shipping $98.00)

             Matching Trash Receptacles available to fit your application.
     See our Color Chart  

         Wingline Park Bench with Contoured arms and seat
     Wingline  Park Bench
      with Back  and Arms,
      3/4" #9 Expanded  Metal,
     2-7/8" Legs, Surface mount
     W/SMLCOVERS shown.
"SMLCOVERS sold separately"
   View More Contoured Park Benches

         Modern Park Bench
          Modern Park Bench with
         Coated   Expanded Metal
      + 4 ft. Add-on Bench Shown
      # B4WBMODERNPSM   + 4 FT.
       ADD-ON = A 8 ft. park bench
       View More Park Benches
       Convex Ribbed Steel 3 Seat Bench
  Convex Ribbed Steel 3 Seat Park
 Bench assembly, with Backs
   Surface mt.
Shown without SMLCOVERS sold separately
   View More Ribbed Steel Benches

         Classic Park Bench
      Classic Park Bench,
           Ribbed Steel Seat,
          Cast arm & Leg assy.
          #  B4WBCLASSIC

        Convex 3 seat Classic bench without back
   3 Seat Downtown Bench assembly,
        Ribbed Steel, With no backs
       Surface mt.

        Perforated Park Bench

          Perforated Style Bench
       with Back,  inground Model  shown. 
        # B8WBPERFS
       View more about this park bench

 Color Chart
          8 Ft Table, 2 Attached 8 Ft Bench Seats
   Table, 2 Attached  Bench Seats,
  Rounded Corners, 3/4 in. # 9
  Expanded Metal, 2 3/8 in. Legs,
# T8RC
   Avail. in 4,6,8,and 10 ft.

   View more Picnic tables and Prices

        ADA accessible 8 ft table, 2 attached 6 ft. Bench seats
8 ft table,2 attached 6 ft. Bench seats
    Centered w/ top, Rounded Corners,
   3/4" # 9 Expanded Metal, 2 3/8 in.  Meta Legs. 
   Avail. in 6,8,10 ft Lengths.

        ADA accessible 6 ft table, 4 ft Bench seats offset
6 ft table, 4 ft Bench seats offset,
 Rounded Corners, 3/4 in.# 9
 Expanded Metal, 2 3/8 in. Metal Legs.
  Inground or surface Mounts Required.
   Table Avail. in 6,8,10 ft Lengths.

        46" Square Pedestal Table with Seats
 - Inground style shown

   46 inch Square Table,
  3/4 in. #9 expanded metal top insert.
     2 in., Rolled ribbed Edging,
      4 attached Ribbed Seats Shown,
            All Plastisol coated.
     4 in. Powder coated Frame.
 More picnic tables

         46"  Expanded Metal Round Table with Seats
        46 inch  Expanded Metal
    Round Table  with bench seats

Canteen & Specialty Tables

        40" Modern Patio Table with Chairs
     40" Modern Patio Table with  
    Stackable matching chairs
 Table= T40PATIO

Canteen & Specialty Tables
         T46WEBINFINNVPSM Square Table
 T46WEBINFINNVPSM   wt. 300 lbs
 w/ SMSCOVERS Sold Separately
 46" Octagon Table, 4 Attached Seats, Tops and Seats have Angled Sloping Edges, Small Hole 11 Gauge Punched Steel, 2 7/8"" WEB frames, Portable or Surface Mt, Colors Optional.

    NEW Unique Wood Tables
           T8INFHDCP Table  
  T8INFHDCP        wt. 238 lbs
 8Ft. Table, 2 Attached Offset 6Ft. Seats, Tops and Seats have Angled Sloping Edges, 3/4"" #9 Expanded Metal, Two 2 3/8"" Legs, Portable. Colors Optional.

More Web Style Coated Picnic Tables


8 ft. Bench with Back, Ribbed Steel,
         (2) 2-3/8" Legs.
  Round Mount Covers = # SMSCOVER
 covers sold separately

More Classic Roll Coated Park Benches


     Please use contact page (Here) for inquires or Quotes
      No Quotes or estimates Requested by Phone Please.

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