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                     Kids Center - 5 - Affordable Early Childhood Playground Equipment

                              Age: 2 - 5 Years
                              Child Quantity:  22   
Price: 5437.00



 KID-04  = $4,499.00
 Kids Center - 4
 Dimensions: 16' x 12'
 Use Zone: 28' x 24'
 Age: 2 - 5 Years
Capacity - 20
          # S-75
  Molded Infant Seat

  Full Bucket Molded infant seat
  with galvanized hardware. 

   inside measurements: 13 w x 12 d

  Commercial or Residential use.



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      # SRE-505
 Cradle Seat



  Single tier configuration allows easy entry and exit for toddlers. -
  Features cushioned leg separators and top rail.

Black only ! --------



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# STP-02    7 1/2 inch Tall Stepping Post
    Also just right for  toddler seats

Made from recycled rubber, these round stepping posts have a 10 inch diameter. Comes complete with ground anchors. Available only in BLACK. wt. 16 lb.


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# STP-03    11 1/2 inch Tall Stepping Post
Also just right for  toddler seats

Same as above, Just taller.
wt. 26 lb.


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