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Residential only
(commercial users must purchase commercial parts)

    Minimum Order:
The minimum order is $50.00 per address, a smaller order would require a $15.00 surcharge to process.
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S-58R Trapeze-Buoy Ball add-on

Coolest seat around, Attaches to C-11R (not included) with chain and stainless quick links.



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C-11R Trapeze + Buoy Ball add-on

Coolest seat around, Dual purpose

( does not include chains to attach to top rail )

Use with the H-20 Chain 
for 8' swing. Use H-55 for 10' swing. ( Plastisol coated)


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S-45R Disc Seat with Swing Spring

Color:  YELLOW ONLY 30-70 lbs. user weight for optimum performance. Safety tested to 600 lbs.
Attachment hardware is not included.


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S-54R Buoy Ball

Injection molded for high strength. 
Diameter = 15" 

Yellow & Red backordered until 8/ 10/11


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S-55R Roped Buoy 
Ball Swing

S54R Buoy Ball and 1/2" diameter rope with a chained end for easy adjustment. Includes a 1-1/2" dia. dowel cross bar.


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S-40R Daisy Disc Seat

Molded from high density polyethylene. 
Can use universal rope size 3/8" to 1/2"
Backordered Until 4/30/11


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S-41R Rope Daisy Disc Seat

Combines S-40R Daisy Disc Seat with 1/2" dia. X 60" long twisted rope.



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SWR   Steering Wheel

High density polyethylene. Diameter = 11-3/8"
Includes bushings and lag screw for wood post attachment.



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 # (PT-02)
ROTATIONALLY MOLDED TIRE SWING is designed for high quality fun and easy
low maintenance. With solid brass bushings molded into the tabs. Size: 27-1/4" Dia. 15 " Hole, 8" Deep

(Tire Only)

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